How to Complete an Impressive Biology Thesis

Biology Thesis May Require Experimental Research Techniques

When a student is required to write a biology thesis he/she may be asked to do a research project involving laboratory experiments and/or some field work. Student may or may not have much choice on selecting the project. If you have an option to select your thesis topic and the project, first criterion must be whether the topic or the project is interesting enough for you to live with it for one year.

The other main criterion is the difficulty level of the work to be carried out. Choose project that you can handle with only a reasonable effort. Remember, the biology thesis is not the only thing you are going to do during the coming year. Think about the resources you have to commit for the project. If you are doing a graduate research, you may get grants. Otherwise you’ll have to spend a big part of the total cost of the project. So, be aware of the costs you have to spend out of your pocket.

Topics for the research project

Last few decades show great leaps in the understanding of the life process of animals and plants, which is the subject area of Biology. With the so many tools and the methods like very powerful microscopes, computers and associated software to simulate various life processes, research in Biology has progressed very fast. Because of this reason you have to take extreme care to select a subject for a good thesis and the problem you are going to examine that has not been researched before or researches so far has not found the answers.

You have to decide your research topic for the biology thesis and get the approval soon, not to be disappointed if this same research has been done already, or there is enough work done on this subject. With the vast accumulation of knowledge in this field there are many new subject areas in the field of biology from which a project can be selected for your biology thesis, such as:

Few Subject Areas to Consider

• Recombinant DNA Technology
• Endocrinology
• Immunology
• The Cell Cycle
• Microbiology
• Physiology
• Neuroscience
• Genomics
• Biochemistry
• Cell Biology
• Microbiology
• Virology
• Bacteriology
• Environmental Biology
• Bioinformatics
• Histology
• Animal Behavior
• Marine Biology

Research Plan and Methodology

Once you have selected your research project you have to make your plans immediately. This must include the prior research to know the knowledge already available and research already done on the subject. Then you have to set up your experiments, field observations and surveys. The next step is to arrange the ways to analyze the data you collect including the software packages you intend to use for this purpose.

Scheduling of your work with the department so that they can make arrangements for you to use the laboratory facilities will be something which writing other thesis as Art thesis or a business thesis does not have to worry with. Always keep a continuous dialog with the supervisor. When in doubt use the library, internet, and support of your colleagues and the supervisor to find answers to the problems you come up when the research work is progressing.

Having completed the research work of the project you’ll have to start analyzing the data and see whether the results are compatible with your expectations. Final phase is to report your writing by writing your biology thesis. Consult a good thesis writing guide. As you are nearing the deadline for the submission, such intricacies like preparing charts, graphs, computer printouts for simulations etc. will be time consuming. You may contact a professional thesis writing service that may be able to help you. At this stage, you need to ensure each section of the thesis falls in to place properly and accurately. So, if you do not have knowledge on how to write some sections of the thesis, engage professional help for such chapters.