Managing a Knowledge Management Thesis

Students Writing Knowledge Management Thesis Have Many Creative Options

In writing Knowledge Management thesis, students can select from many of various topics and be creative in finding solutions to new problems arising, because Knowledge Management is a quite new discipline. Though knowledge transfer has been practiced by humans for a long time to pass the knowledge from generation to generation and from one group to another group, Knowledge Management was recognized as a new scientific discipline from 1990. Today Knowledge Management is taught as a subject for the courses in Management, Business Administration, Information Systems, and Information Sciences.

Organization Strategies for Knowledge Management Thesis

Organizations can practice Knowledge Management to organize, identify, collect, distribute and create knowledge within the organization and bring in new knowledge to the organization. The primary purpose of this exercise is to achieve the organization objectives and to formulate the organizational strategies. The forms of knowledge may be available as stories, forms, data, manuals, practices and procedures inside the organizational. Some individuals may have lot of knowledge accumulated during the period of employment in the organization. If there is no proper knowledge management system, this knowledge is lost when the employee leaves the organization. The students who are to write a knowledge management thesis, can find enough thesis ideas from any of these forms of knowledge.

Chief Knowledge Officer’s Role in the Organization

Large corporations have started recognizing the importance of knowledge management for the growth of the organization through innovation, improving performance and competitive advantage. They are appointing Chief Knowledge Officers (CKO) to take up the responsibilities involved in knowledge management. Though intangible, knowledge is a very valuable resource in an organization. Organizations invest on knowledge management because knowledge can help companies to acquire and sustain competitive advantage by creating, disseminating knowledge and increasing value of the products and services using knowledge. Chief Knowledge Officer’s role in the organization is coordinating, managing and directing the processes of creating and acquiring knowledge, collection and organized storing and dissemination of knowledge..

Some Good Topics for Knowledge Management Thesis

Very important first step in writing a knowledge management thesis is selection of a good thesis topic and developing a thesis. Here are some good topics for knowledge management thesis.

• How knowledge walkout affect the competitive advantage of a company.
• Data mining as a knowledge creation tool.
• Ways and methods of valuing, maintaining and increasing the intellectual capital or knowledge assets.
• How the study of best practices increase the knowledge base in an organization.
• Information, knowledge and wisdom process in knowledge management.
• Role and importance of cataloging in managing a knowledge base.
• Artificial intelligence and artificial ignorance in organizations.

Thesis Help for Writing the Knowledge Management Thesis

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