Write a PhD Thesis Proposal that Gets Approved

Preparing PhD Thesis Proposal is the most Challenging Part of earning a PhD

Students will have to spend a couple of months preparing the PhD thesis proposal after qualifying to enroll in a PhD program. Preparing the thesis proposal can be considered as the most challenging part of the process leading to earning a doctorate. A weak thesis and a proposal written on it are the main reason for making a thesis difficult to defend. Therefore, formulating a strong thesis and writing a good thesis proposal is the most challenging task that lays the foundation for an outstanding thesis.

Students have to finish the Thesis according to the Proposal

When a proposal for the doctoral thesis is approved by the thesis committee, students have to work according to the plan and the target dates in the proposal. Students can avoid misunderstandings and confusions by defining the conditions for acceptance of task as completed. Main milestones are finishing of individual chapters, completion of survey or the experiment, first submission, second submission etc. This is very important because it is easier for the thesis defense if these details are written in the thesis proposal without any ambiguity.

Important Parts of a Thesis Proposal

The most important parts of the PhD thesis proposal are well formulated thesis statement, and a well-defined specific plan to support the thesis. The thesis has to be plausible. It has to bring in new knowledge. It should have useful applications. Actually, literature review, related work, prior work and methodologies are to support the main ideas of the proposal. A thesis proposal should not be too long. Thesis committee will not read a very long proposal, resulting in many questions being asked and possible rejection. Write a complete, precise and brief proposal. Ten to fifteen pages are quite adequate to write the whole proposal. Make use of bullet points and short paragraphs where possible.

Outline for the Thesis Proposal

Student can learn the format for a thesis proposal by referring to a thesis sample. The thesis outline given below also will be helpful to get knowledge of how to present the thesis proposal.

• Title Page
• Abstract
• Introduction and Thesis statement
• Literature Review

• Research Problem
o Statement and defining of the problem
o Importance of the problem
o Purpose of the study
o Conceptual and theoretical framework
o Impact of the study

• Research Methodology
o Questions to be answered
o Design of the research
o Sampling methods
o Data structure
o Methods for data analysis

• Proposed plan with clearly stated milestones and requirements for completion

Get your Thesis Approved without any Revision

Getting approval for the PhD thesis proposal at the first submission saves time, work and money for the student. Therefore, they have to prepare the proposal with utmost care. Getting thesis help from a professional thesis writing company is worthwhile considering the waste of time and the tedious duplication of work if the thesis committee recommends any revisions. Good thesis writing companies will help students in any stage of thesis writing.