Writing a Leadership Thesis that Deserves Acclaim

Leadership Thesis can Examine any of Many Leadership Theories

Leadership Thesis may be written by students following organization theory for programs in Business Management, Human Resource Management, Philosophy and Sociology etc. There have been many theories on leadership. Basically there are seven types of leadership studied under modern theories of leadership. From ancient times philosophers like Chanakya, Lao Tzu, Machiavelli and Plato have expressed their ideas on Leaders and the act of leading. The students can choose their topics from any of these theories of leadership and leaders. The first task student faces in writing the thesis on leadership is selecting an appropriate topic.

Writing a Leadership Essay may be Easier than Selecting a Topic

Selecting a topic for leadership thesis becomes a difficult task because the numerous theories that were in vogue from time to time and the face that there is no agreement in the academia regarding any of these theories. The reasons for this situation are that there are many different types of leaders and they have very different type of leadership behaviors and styles. Because of this reason students have many options for the topic and finding topics is quite easier, but selection of one thesis topic out of these is not.

How to Create a Thesis Statement

The next step after selecting a topic is creating a thesis statement. As there are many theories, sometimes contradicting one another students can easily support or disagree with a theory. There are many opportunities to conduct empirical research on a theory to support or repudiate an idea or a theory. There are chances for establishing new ideas with the help of empirical research. When the student has decided on the topic he/she can carry out some preliminary research within the area covered by the topic and find an interesting idea on which there is large number of opinions. Student can build a thesis on this and write down it briefly and completely to get the thesis statement.

Writing a Leadership Thesis Based on Empirical Research

If a student decides on writing a leadership thesis based on empirical research he/she will have to collect data, analyze and evaluate data and extract conclusions that support his/her thesis. The data to be collected is mainly primary data. For this purpose students will have to design surveys, interviews and field observations. If the student is not familiar with this type of research he/she needs to learn them. Student should have a good understanding of the statistical methods and the software that is used for analyzing the data collected from the surveys or interviews.

Write your Leadership Thesis with Help from Leaders in the Field

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