Writing an Inspirational Architectural Thesis

Ideas to Help You Write an Architectural Thesis

An architectural thesis presents the results of the author’s thorough investigation of a specific architecture problem.

While you are writing a thesis on architecture, you have to think of yourself as being in the shoes of an architect, whether you are one or not. This means your paper must have a solid ground, well articulated components, and an impressive form.

The basis of your architectural thesis will be your knowledge of the subject and your skills. See that the enthusiasm you feel for your subject is passed on to your reader, so that he can feel the inspiration you have brought to the work.

Below are some possible topics for investigation in your architectural thesis:

– Gothic Architecture
– Landscape Architecture
– Southern Architecture
– Modern Architecture
– Aesthetics and Architecture
– Environmental Limitations to Architecture
– Graphic Media and Architecture
– Digital Mediation Theory
– Urban Design Theory
– Non Western Design Practice
– European Design Theory
– Socially Constructed Architectural Practice
– Vernacular Architecture

Once you have the basic ideas for your architectural thesis in place, take them to your professor and find out what he/she has to say about it. Do they feel dubious about it? Find out the reason. Is your architecture topic too broad, too vague, too narrow, abstract, boring, done to death? Get specific feedback. Find out if the topic is appropriate and feasible, has it been stated well, whether it is likely to find its audience. Press for more information. Find out if they know any resources that you could find useful. Do they know someone who specializes in any aspect of the topic you have chosen? Any buildings, or exhibitions, or thesis projects that might be of interest to you? Pick their brain till they are tired.

When you have got the approval from your professor, and all the leads you could get on the topic, start reading up the books, searching the internet, and talking to the local people. Any material that is related to architecture may turn out to be useful. Make copies of everything that you read that applies to your subject, even remotely. Do online searches on and around your topic. It would be a good idea to consult some expert in your field, read up on projects related to your topic. If you wish, you could look at some available online custom thesis for further inputs. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the arts and bring this atmosphere in your architectural thesis.

Get in touch with some professional architecture associations, societies, hobby groups online. If you find any forums you can post to, then post to them. The idea is to get useful clues from everywhere around you!

When enough information on your subject has been gathered, start writing the proposal. This will normally consist of about five pages informing your readers of the purpose of the research undertaken, the various ways of achieving them and the results you expect from them. Then wait for your proposal to be approved.

When your proposal has been approved, make the necessary changes, and go on working on the problem. Concentrate on your architectural thesis writing till it is completely finished and till it seems perfect in every respect. Do the final proofreading carefully, then submit your thesis on which you have worked long and hard!